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DARTrivia Night Policies





  1. Each team must have a (non-offensive) team name. Each team "registers" by writing the team name on their answer sheets.

  2. Each team can have SIX (6) members max. Team members may vary between different nights.

  3. Team members may NOT change teams once the game starts. Some people may need to leave before the game ends.

  4. Some teams may have members that show up late, life happens, and this okay.

  5. Some teams might show up late and join after a round or more have already been played. This is okay, as long as you understand you will be playing with a point deficit and you will not be given an opportunity to see the previously read questions.

  6. Each team member must be 18+ years of age to play.



  1. 5 rounds of 10 questions each (2 General Knowledge rounds and 3 Special Category rounds) and 1 PICTURE round.

  2. The PICTURE round sheet will be given to each team as they hand in their Round 1 answers. This way everyone receives them at approx the same time.  The PICTURE round is to be worked on throughout the rest of the night (during or between rounds) and handed in at the end of Round 5, with your team's "Round 5" answer sheets.

  3. Each question will be read through TWICE. If ANY team would like to have a question read for a THIRD time, please just speak up and it will be read a THIRD and FINAL time. This MUST be done before the following question is read.



  1. Each correct answer is worth 100 points. Each round is worth 1000 points, for a possible PERFECT SCORE of 7000!

  2. Teams may check/circle the "x2 Multiplier" box to DOUBLE their score for that round (used ONCE per night on any ONE (1) round...question round OR Picture round...whichever round they are most confident about). MUST be chosen prior to turning in that round’s answers.



  1. All answers are final. If an answer is "incorrect"/we make a mistake, it will be consistent and standings will not be affected.

  2. Please do NOT shout out answers to ANY question. If another team overhears you speaking at your quieter. If I can hear you, so can everyone else. :-)

  3. DO NOT USE cell phones, computers, tablets, or ANY other electronic devices to find answers to questions.                                If you are caught cheating, your team will be penalized 1000 points.

  4. DO NOT ASK  people that are not playing for answers to ANY questions.                                                                                                                  If you are caught cheating, your team will be penalized 1000 points.

  5. If a team is caught cheating TWICE in one night, they are DQ'd for the night.

  6. If a team is caught cheating on multiple nights, they will be banned from participating in DARTrivia Nights for 1 month.


Rules are fluid and subject to editing/change (between nights) based on our experience during Trivia Night gameplay.

We want the rules to be fair to ALL and will be "game played tested" to make sure they are fair to all.


UPDATED: 2/13/2020

(any changes will be colored so you can see them easily


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