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Raith Kell, Discord and Rhyme Karaoke
Raith has been working karaoke shows for over 15+ years. He grew up in Central New Jersey. Became a patron of a local karaoke show where he lived. He then started learning how to run shows under the guidance of an experienced DJ/KJ. He then started assisting a well established KJ back in Somerset County, NJ. Over a few years of assisting, he decided it was time to host his own shows. He started working for another local KJ in the New Jersey area. Hosted a successful show at a local bar there for a few years.
Eventually, he found his way an hour north in Bergen County, NJ. Started frequenting shows up in that area as well. He became friends with a KJ up there and learned a bit more of the KJ craft. Learned about building the right sound system for a show. LOUD is not the only answer. It has to have a well mixed, clear sound that doesn't drown out the singer. Quality gear, microphones, speakers, etc...all of this is a necessity for running a GREAT karaoke show.
In 2010, he moved to Salem, MA for a year. During his time there, he met a well-known, established KJ and started working with him. About a month later, he was running the show on Wednesday nights in Vic's Boathouse inside Victoria Station right on the wharf.
He's been living in Orange County, NY since 2011 and had been singing at a few of the local karaoke bar nights around the area.
In 2014, he decided it's time to start his own company. Taking a cue from what he learned in all of his previous years of experience and having the *right* setup to create a great sounding show for everyone...
Discord and Rhyme Karaoke was born.
Come down and check it out for yourself.
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